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  • Notice of local Labor holiday (the 1st May to 4th May 2019)

    Kindly please be noted of that, our company will close from the 1st May to 4th May 2019 for coming local Labor holiday, we will get back to office on the 5th May.  Appreciate your attention. 2019-4-27View More

  • Merry Christmas, and Happy 2019.

    2018-12-24View More

  • Many painting factories were forced to be closed for pollution

    Dear clients,Kindly Notice :Currently many painting factories were forced to be closed for pollution by our government, which may affect lead time and cost of metal cabinets, please consider lead time for new orders, and we'll do our best to make in-time delivery for you at the same time. A…… 2018-6-27View More

  • Orders before Chinese Lunar New Year festival

    Happy New Year 2018 to all E-Fluence clients! (in advance)  Kindly Notice : As Chinese Lunar New Year is approaching after it, in order not to delay delivery, please you try to arrange it the December for orders those you want to get goods before the Chine…… 2017-12-12View More

  • Official holidays in the September and October 2016

    Dear E-Fluence clients,For your reference, Please kindly see our calendar of the September and October with holidays in red color as following. Hope helpful. 2016-9-12View More

  • Digital Signage Industry keeps on growing

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock, chances are you’ve seen digital signage applications pop up just about everywhere. In fact, the digital signage industry is one of the fastest growth markets in the IT space. For example, from 2014 to 2015, the business-to-business large-format commerci…… 2016-3-15View More

  • All LED are same ?

    Whenever we talk about energy saving, we face inquestions about the quality of the LED. "All LED are same ?" Let's talk a little about LED and Process of production to understand more. The earliest LED's were major used for indicators lights, app…… 2016-3-3View More

  • National Day Notice

    E-Fluence company will be closed from 1 Oct. to 7 Oct.(total 7 days) and reopened on 8 Oct. due to the National Day. Meanwhile 10 Oct. (original Saturday) will be adjusted…… 2015-9-10View More

  • Tips for Touch Friendly Kiosk User Interface

    In order for a kiosk user interface to be “touch-friendly,” it must allow the user to navigate comfortably using only their fingers without the need for a mouse and keyboard.  This is a different paradigm than many desktop application developers are used to.  Our comp…… 2014-12-9View More

  • The difference between digital signage and touchscreen kiosks

    We live in a world where people consume information on multiple devices during every waking hour. Marketing success depends on reaching your customer with relevant information – suited for the device of choice – on each touch point of the Journey to Purchase.The demand for both digital signag…… 2014-9-11View More

  • 5 Tips to Consider for Your Digital Signage Advertising

    Marketing is never a simple concept. Businesses always have to strive to produce elaborate ads that really demand attention and get their consumers taking notice. With this in mind, digital signage advertising has the ability to do what traditional flyers and posters can’t do: create an intera…… 2014-8-12View More

  • How Signage Displays Evolved to Become a Force in Digital Marketing

    The History of Digital Signage Modern digital signage systems as we know them today did not come into prominence until about five years ago. However, digital signage has actually been around as early as the 1970s. At the time, they mostly appeared in electronic stores where those bulky cathode r…… 2014-6-27View More

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